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If you want to rely on a reputable tailor who does clothing design, repair, alteration, and sewing, our studio is the ideal choice for you. Serving clients in Jacksonville, NC and the surrounding areas, we are ready to provide you with the solutions you need for your clothing. With Mathea's Alteration and Fashion, you will get the superb quality you deserve.


Tailoring Service


Need a custom-fit suit or dress? Look no further than Mathea's Alteration and Fashion in Jacksonville, NC. Contact us at (910) 548-9989 to learn more about our expert tailoring services.


Our Services

We offer a tailoring service for various items, including ball gown dresses, pants, jeans, men khaki, gowns, trousers, military clothing, and any miscellaneous household cloth items. With us, you can also get professional alterations & repair services for your clothing. With our tailoring company, you can take advantage of the many options we have available. Learn more about our services!


Trust Mathea's Alteration and Fashion for all your tailoring needs in Jacksonville, NC. Our experienced tailors are here to provide customized solutions for your clothing. Call (910) 548-9989 now!


What We Do

Our goal is to provide every customer with exceptional tailoring services and dress alterations, and to that end, we use fabrics, tools, and equipment of outstanding quality. From clothing alteration and repair to sewing custom ball gown dresses, we do it all. Contact us for professional services that will exceed your expectations regardless of the specifics around the job!


Ensure your dress fits like a dream with Mathea's Alteration and Fashion‘s expert dress alterations in Jacksonville, NC. Contact us at (910) 548-9989 to schedule an appointment today.


The Benefits of Choosing Us

Known for our reliability and professionalism, we run Mathea's Alteration and Fashion at reasonable rates and strive for perfection with every job we take. Whether we are sewing new items or applying alterations to military clothing, we always match the specific requirements of our customers. Choose our tailoring service and suit alterations to enjoy remarkable results!


Trust Mathea's Alteration and Fashion‘s experienced dress tailors in Jacksonville, NC for custom-made dresses that fit like a glove. Contact us at (910) 548-9989 to schedule a consultation today.


The Areas We Serve

We help with tailoring and alterations for customers from the following locations:

  • Jacksonville, NC
  • Maple Hill, NC
  • Richlands, NC
  • Piney Green, NC
  • Pumpkin Center, NC
  • Half Moon, NC


If you are looking to get a tailored suit in Jacksonville, NC, our services are the ideal solution for your situation. Your satisfaction is our priority. Call us today for further information!

Client’s Testimonial

Jul 19, 2021
Exceptional Services

I turned to this local tailor to get myself a new dress, and I am very impressed. The results are remarkable and I just love the dress. I gladly recommend this company.

I had a great experience with this tailoring service! The staff was friendly and helpful, and my alterations were done quickly and professionally. Highly recommend!
Joao Victor
Joao Victor
Awesome place to eat a little pricey but love to vibe and the food. Will be going back at some point.
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones
Last week I bought very beautiful dress but it was width and I it had a need from alteration services. I called on Mathea's Alteration and Fashion and the tailor did great job. Thank you!
Ian Jones
Ian Jones
So I bought a $450 dollar dress from Classics. The dress was too big and I almost didn't get it because of that. The dress was a size 8 and I am a size 2 BUT the dresses they carry there run small so it more fit like a 6. Anyway, they referred me to O&R Alterations. They spoke very highly of them and told me they'd fix me up and I'd be on my way. I wasted no time and made my way to O&R as soon as I left Classics. I met the tailor, he was nice and assured me he'd take care of my needs. I put the dress on and stood in the mirror showing him what changes I would like done. (Shorten straps and bring in on the waist) that was it. He didn't measure me, he didn't ask my height, he didn't take into consideration that I would be wear heels on the night that I would be wearing this dress. But they spoke so highly of him at Classics that I let him "fix" my dress anyway. I dropped it off on October 2. He told me it would be ready at the end of the month the 27th and I left it in his hands. I called and even stopped by once just to see if they had any update on my dress. Both times I checked up on my dress they told me it was coming along but when I went in person to see the dress, they hadn't even touched it!! Finally the day comes for me to pick up the dress and all this man did was shorten the straps, he didn't touch the waist of the dress like I had asked and paid for and like I mentioned before, he made NO measurements whatsoever so the straps were so short that I couldn't even put the dress on. In frustration he told me there's nothing he can do about it. With that said I did my own search and found Mathea. She did what the man couldn't do in one month in only three days!!!! I thought my ball dress was ruined until she fixed it. I was a bit skeptical at first because I thought "if a highly well known tailor can't do it then why she?" But I was so wrong! She did exactly what I wanted, it fits me PERFECTLY. I highly recommend her, I really really do. She knows what she's talking about and this is coming from someone who hasn't even been living here for six months. Trust me, she is awesome. The man charged me $50 and she charged me $30. She is WORHT IT. I couldn't express it more. Thank you Mathea!!!
Dejah Woodard
Dejah Woodard
Didn't know what to expect taking my jacket to someone's house, but she was knowledgeable, skilled, and quick. Also, the prices were fair. Her services are worth the money.
El Steff
El Steff

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