Learn More About Our Tailoring Service

Mathea's Alteration and Fashion offers a professional tailoring service to clients who want to dress in a style that is designed with their body and proportions in mind. Based in Jacksonville, NC, we also offer clothing alteration and repair services to our clients. As masters of the craft, we can work on ball gown dresses, shorts, military clothing, men khaki, gowns, pants, and miscellaneous household cloth items.


Why Pick Our Company?

Our tailoring and clothing alteration service epitomizes every modern standard and will surely meet your requirements. We welcome every new client and give discounts to second-time customers. Using high-quality cloth, products, and equipment, we can create any piece of clothing you may have in mind and will impress you with the results of our work.

How Are We Different?

Renowned for providing an outstanding tailoring service that is available at reasonable rates, Mathea's Alteration and Fashion is the company that will help you create the unique clothing you want. Our main priority is to make you happy with the superb results of our efforts. Call us today!

If you require a professional tailoring and clothing alteration service in Jacksonville, NC and you want to hire a true specialist, choose our company. We will ensure your satisfaction. Make sure you are turning to an expert and contact us at (910) 548-9989 to book an appointment for exceptional service!

Services List

  • Tailoring Service
  • Dress Alterations
  • Shorts Alteration
  • Military Clothing
  • Men Khaki
  • Gowns
  • Miscellaneous Household Cloth Items
  • Ball Gown Dresses
  • Clothes Alterations