Frequently Asked Questions

Tailoring is the art of designing, cutting, and fitting together finished clothing. It enables clients to have clothes made or adapted to suit their special needs or requirements with ease and elevating their aesthetic. At Mathea's Alteration and Fashion, we have the right set of skills to provide some exceptional tailoring service and make sure our customers are always well informed. On this page, a lot of necessary insights can be found to act as a source of reference. However, to get some specific details, we urge clients to reach out to us, and we will be happy to help. Our offers and approaches are second to none across the entire Jacksonville, NC area.

Why get clothing tailored?

Tailoring helps protect your clothing investment, making it a lot less likely to become damaged or lose its appeal in the long run. Tailored outfits ensure that any clothing is not too loose, nor will it snap and rip, while also focusing on it not being too tight that it may pop with even the most minimal strain.

Do you undertake alterations of dresses?

Yes. We are highly skilled professionals in our domain and even offer dress alterations at affordable price points. We can make your dress fit perfectly and use our years of training and truly unmatched offers to provide exceptional results that are second to none. Our work ethic and dedication to our craft are entirely exceptional.

Do you work with military clothing?

Yes. As a local tailor, we have even been hired on numerous occasions to work on military clothing and ensure that it can go through immense wear without ripping and lasting the test of time and unforeseen circumstances. We make sure that the stitching holds up to the mark and that the final finish of the clothing looks professional while being functional.

How expensive is custom-tailored clothing?

Perhaps the most expensive tailored items are often topped by a well-tailored suit. The costs are directly related to the type of materials, the level of intricacy and design and the cost of labor itself. To get an accurate estimate as to how much would you be spending on your precise clothing, we urge clients to reach out to us for the same.

How experienced are you?

Over the past four years, we have worked on numerous articles of clothing, providing exceptional results while also ensuring that we are as affordable as possible without compromising on the quality of our clothing. We never disappoint our clients and thrive in the face of challenging projects.

We are happy with the insights we have provided on this page and remain confident that any new clients who make the effort to read through it will be happy to hire us for their requirements. However, to get more insights, we urge them to contact Mathea's Alteration and Fashion at (910) 548-9989, and our customer service professionals will be more than happy to help. Our approaches and offers are second to none across the entire Jacksonville, NC area.