Professional Alterations Are Your Allies for Making the Most Out of Your Second-Hand Clothes

Exploit Your Second-Hand Clothing to Its Full Potential

Over the last few years, second-hand clothing has become a very popular option for people who want to look fashionable while caring for the environment and their pockets. One of the marvels of shopping in bazaars or thrift stores is that you have good chances to find designer pieces or pieces from luxury and medium luxury brands at rather low prices. That’s worth purchasing even if it ends up requiring some professional alterations. If on your next trip to the thrift store you happen to find one of these hidden jewels, follow these best practices:

Take a Good Look at It

Same as with any other clothes coming from a department store or an online boutique, you must be very honest about whether you’re actually going to wear the piece. Remember that just because it is cheap and high-quality doesn’t mean you must buy it. Think about the possible outfits you may put together using that piece and if it matches the rest of your wardrobe. If it is not your size, but it’s still manageable, consider taking it to a tailor for proper alterations to be made, otherwise leave it so someone else can enjoy it.

Some Soap and Water to Reveal the Treasure

This is also something that we should always do with freshly purchased clothes, no matter where we buy them. But it is particularly important to properly wash your second-hand clothes since they probably have been in storage for so long or, at least, have been through several hands. Get rid of all the dirt and you’re good to go.

Sizing Is Everything

As mentioned before, second-hand clothes sometimes may be a bit out of size for you, but you can count on excellent tailoring services to make professional alterations to them and make them fit you perfectly. A piece of clothing that is adjusted to your true size will look as it is meant to look and that would elevate your outfits to the next level.

If you already have in your hands a wonderful second-hand piece that needs something to make it truly shine, don’t hesitate to call Mathea's Alteration and Fashion at (910) 548-9989. We are happy to take any clothing alteration project throughout the Jacksonville, NC area.