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Mathea's Alteration and Fashion provides viable solutions to its clients. Based in Jacksonville, NC, we offer a variety of tailoring services and here you can find additional information about what we do. Read on to learn more!

Tailoring Services

We provide a full line of tailoring services to our clients and work with all types of clothing. Count on us to match any and all requirements you may have for us, and we will not disappoint you. We are very passionate about our work and anticipate each next job with the same enthusiasm we have always had.

Tailoring Services

Tailoring Services

Clothing Alterations

Mathea's Alteration and Fashion also specializes in providing alteration services for all types of clothing, including dresses, shorts, military clothes, gowns, men khaki, and anything else available on the market. We can also adjust designer clothes. Having all the necessary knowledge, equipment, and experience, we can handle any task according to your unique preferences.

Military Clothing

In addition, we are skilled in providing tailoring and alteration services for military pants, suits, and parade uniforms. We have done countless such jobs for military personnel from all over the area, and we always do our best to keep the great look of your military clothes.

Miscellaneous Household Cloth Items

Moreover, we can create, repair, and alter any household cloth item you may have in mind. We can work on any miscellaneous item, from tablecloth and bed sheets to drapes and covers. With our professional services, you will enjoy results that will exceed your expectations.

Ball Gown Dresses

Furthermore, you can turn to us if you need a custom tailoring service for your ball gown dress. With our professional service, you will be able to give freedom to your imagination as we help you create your own style. Whether you want to get a dress that will make you stand out or you want to go for something new and different, we are here to help.

Known for our exceptional services, working at reasonable rates, and located in Jacksonville, NC, we are the tailors who will ensure your satisfaction every time. Here, you can choose both classic and modern clothing solutions. Make sure you are turning to a master tailor, and call us at (910) 548-9989 to book an appointment or to find out more about what we do!