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In our opinion, everyone deserves a great tailor fit at Mathea's Alteration and Fashion. So that people can wear items that properly match their body dimensions, our tailoring service was created in Jacksonville, NC. This does not imply that we exclusively offer tailoring as a service. We can help you with any alterations you need, whether it’s a shirt or a pair of trousers. Our mission is to provide the community with the highest quality products with the quickest turnaround times at competitive prices.

Tailor in Jacksonville, NC

What Is the Process?

We are full-service tailors offering tailoring, laundry, wash and fold, and khaki service for military personnel. We work with all different types of customers to make sure that stress over the best tailoring is history. We promise exceptional service, the best tailoring techniques, and prompt service. Our mission is to provide the community with the greatest service possible at the most competitive pricing possible. You don’t merely become one of our customers when you enter our doors; you also become a family member!

Because You Deserve a Perfect Fit

For over 5 years, Mathea's Alteration and Fashion has offered its clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee in Jacksonville, NC. We are one of the first tailors here to help you with any clothing issues you may have. Most people find it more pleasant to use a tailor for their convenience. However, tailoring is typically necessary for these procedures to look their best. Here’s where we step in! We provide the most thorough and cost-effective tailoring service. Always on schedule and effectively, our team of tailors provides services. Our knowledgeable crew is an expert in the finest designer tailoring. Make sure you only wear the nicest clothing!

Get your perfect fit today! Visit Mathea's Alteration and Fashion and let our expert tailor create a bespoke look that’s uniquely you. Call (910) 548-9989 for an appointment now and experience the ultimate in personalized style.

We are a full-service shop that provides professional tailoring and alterations for shorts and ball gowns. We are pleased to have our knowledge here and are thrilled to introduce our services to you. Call us at (910) 548-9989 to get in touch.

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