Why Trust Professional Alterations?

Making Changes to Your Clothes

People can get a sense of who we are from our clothes. But even if you have a few pieces you call your favorites; there is probably something off about them. For example, the length of the sleeve might be a little too long, or it might not hang just right across the shoulders. The guide below will look at how professional alterations can make your wardrobe stand out.


When you schedule alterations, you can change the way your clothes look. For example, a tailor can transform a suit’s lapel width or style. They can change the length of a dress, change the neckline, or make a shirt with long sleeves into one with short sleeves.

Perfect Fit

Clothes are made for a specific type of body. Because everyone is different, a suit, dress, or pants may fit well, but they aren’t made for you.

When you make an appointment for alterations, a tailor will carefully measure your waist, neckline, arm and leg lengths, bust, and more. Then, they’ll cut or open up the seams so that the clothing fits you perfectly. This can help you feel better about how you look when you enter the world.

Save Money

In the long run, making changes can save you money. If you don’t wear certain clothes because they don’t fit right, tailoring can help. The same is true if you’ve lost weight, put on muscle, or your kids are growing too fast for their clothes. This is helpful for expensive cocktail dresses but is not worn very often.

Where you go makes all the difference when it comes to professional alterations. Our expert team at Mathea's Alteration and Fashion is here to help, whether you want a custom-tailored three-piece suit or need a shirt changed for an upcoming event in Jacksonville, NC. Dial (910) 548-9989 right now for inquiries and reservations.